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“Kinzie soars. . .”Kirkus Reviews

L E  Kinzie is a flame-throwing, life-changing, award winning, top selling, laughter and tear -provoking, critically acclaimed author of Igniteand Undamned, My Escape from the Old Testament, speaker, and Youtube videographer.

Her voice has been reviewed as funny, blunt, and sublime.*   Her poetry and prose go straight for the throat and have a  recognizable point,  walking the fine line between modern life and spirituality like a tight-rope walker in heels!* (Amazon review).

Writing is celebration, joy, meditation, prayer, and truth. For that reason, she refuses to be limited by genre.  Her first poetry collection won best poetry book  in Texas, & got rave reviews, including one from  Kirkus. Her poems have been featured in the upcoming Texas Poetry Calendar the anthology, There Is No End, & Poetry Explosion Newsletter.  Her blogs have been featured in The Higher Calling, the Riverbend Blog, & Chanillo. A passionate observer of and advocate for the common threads of humanity that unite us all, she writes in a self- created shed in her back yard in Austin, surrounded by trees, dogs, and cats.

To make the joys of poetry accessible to all, she does videos of her most humorous and spiritual poems in the format of films– all elements of a feature length film in 90 seconds! Her latest, below, condenses every element of a feature- length  film: score, story, scenes, actors, theme, humor– to a couple of minutes. Enjoy, and buy her books on this website.