You have never read a book like this.Reached #1 in both Poetry and Inspirational/Spiritual/ Mental Healing categories on Amazon.
 Red City Review gave it 4 out of 5 stars, saying,
 Pulling the proverbial rug out from under her spiritual beliefs and weaving a new rug helped her open to happiness versus continually stalking it in an attempt to capture it. In the Spiritual Toolbox, there are 20 tips…to help other seekers break free from the chains of the Old Testament.


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Undamned, My Escape From the Old Testament

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 OtherREVIEWS:(average rating of 5 stars @ Amazon)

Undamned is not just an escape from the Old Testament! It’s a declaration of independence from the domination of others, the myths we are given and told to be grateful, the conformity that strangles us and makes us feel unworthy at every level… A courageous and inspiring book… Bravo. — David

A delightful read. Feels like she is sitting across the table in a coffee shop telling her story… She shares her spiritual toolbox as a gift to those of us looking for some insights with our own journey— Wilbanks

This will help a lot of people. It is beautifully crafted together, weaving personal story, and tools.  — Paul

What a beautifully written journey from bondage to freedom… I loved the way she sprinkled the story with poetry from her soul… — Helen Johnson

WOW… appreciated the author’s invitation to form my own opinions and perspectives of her views as she does not proselytize or advocate for any particular doctrine. She simply shares her experience strength and hope, and in so doing, offers  fresh perspectives to consider and then pursue what is right for my spiritual journey. I highly recommend it!–Larry

The author takes the reader along with her on a candid spiritual journey, all the way giving beautifully written anecdotes and insights that develop into her freeing truth. This combined with a sincere and vulnerable voice makes for a splendid read that’s open and available to all reader… — Hunter

Delightfully different! –Dan

There is so much of value here! — Gwen




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