Is it Christian to murder a policeman?  Is it Christian to attempt to murder the Vice President because he won’t lie for you? is it Christian to attempt to murder the Speaker of the House because she’s a different political party from you? IS it Christian to incite others to attempt these murders?

Is it Christian to violently overthrow the government because you’re unhappy that you lost? Is it Christian to incite others to do so?

Is it Christian to label the 81 million people who voted for a guy who wasn’t your r guy as evil, Satanist, pedophiles, and socialists, when you don’t know any of these people?

Is it Christian to slander the new, devout Catholic President by calling him a Satanist, a pedophile, or a socialist, when you know these terms to be untrue?

            Is it Christian to disobey laws because you don’t like them?

            Does Christianity make you immune to the rule of laws or consequences?      

Is it Christian to assume everyone who doesn’t agree with us politically is a Satan -worshipping baby – molester?  Is it Christian to accuse our political rivals of these things, when we know it’s a lie?

If you answered, no, would you trust a friend who answered, yes? Would you want to join a religion that answered yes to all or most of the above questions?  

A surprisingly high number of Christians think all of the above is ok. Five years ago, the answers would be resounding no to the above questions. The mission of Christianity is to win others to Christianity by our example, i.e. how we treat people. We are to be the light and salt of the world. Do you ever wonder how that mission is going of late?

We all saw it. We all watched in terror and horror.  Craziness just destroyed the Capitol in the 1st violent coup attempt in our history. Animals broke in, many proclaiming their Christianity all over social media, all proclaiming their worship of and service to Donald Trump, a false prophet if there ever was one. They sought to hang their Vice President and assassinate the Speaker of the House because both opted to follow our Constitution and tell the truth. They’re on video  attempting to do just that. They lied to themselves and everyone else about their motives. Wrapped in “patriotism”, they beat two cops to death. —. All of this horror occurred in the service of the man they worship—Trump, and the 33,000 lies pinning his fragile ego together.  His lies became their only truth. Lies about who won. Lies about voting machines and good civil servants just doing their jobs. These dedicated civil servants had to hide and hire protective details because thugs threatened to rape their daughters and murder them. Trump has not only corrupted large swaths of the GOP, he’s corrupted and confused large swaths of Christianity.

The Bible says Satan is the Father of Lies. The End Times will Include a False Prophet who claims to be one of the Christian faithful and spreads lies and hatred. Look at from where the lies are  emanating. The beating, black heart of these abominable lies that came within a hair’s breadth of destroying our country began with the  political party that’s branded itself as the only party for Christians—the GOP.  Many of us don’t believe any of this nonsense, but millions do. The lies began 33,000 lies ago with small things like crowd size and then spread to everything – even the weather! Truth itself was suspended for 4 years in the interest of politics. And many Christians went along for the ride to be “good Christians”. What happened on January 6 was entirely predictable.

But, four years ago in 2016, millions were miserably unhappy and frightened over the election results. Many thought the election was stolen by a foreign power. They were reviled and threatened and called babies, and a lot of other things.  These millions feared the new President would destroy the nation, but not a shot was fired.  No one tried to murder the Vice President or the Speaker of the House, or incite violence or the overthrow of the government.  No one murdered policemen. Power was handed over peacefully, because   better angels were in control. Peaceful protests occurred all over the world. The people so many “Christians” love to slander as Communists, socialists, Satanists, cannibals and pedophiles, behaved admirably and morally, holding  themselves accountable for protecting the Constitution and our democracy. They did the right and “Christian” thing, in contrast to the GOP, the party of “ Christian” values. Maybe those of us worried about our nation should be taking a hard look at Christianity, not Antifa.

Christianity desperately needs to be redeemed. Its credibility  is in tatters because of its abusive parent, the GOP. There’s lying, conspiracy theories, blaming, excusing, and enabling, and Trump- groveling. The few who took a moral stand after almost being murdered by their fellow party members have been treated as heretics.  Is Christianity without accountability or truth worth much at all? Who will believe us, when a large portion of our faith supports these lies and expects to be excused for the lies, the insurrection, the deaths?  The lies are still being spread. Someone just sent me an email proclaiming Kamala Harris was a Satanist because she placed her small clutch on the bible she swore on. Christianity has got some big problems – bigger than putting a clutch on a Bible. Maybe we should be taking a serious look at Christianity instead of Antifa. 

What makes Christians so willing to believe hateful, crazy untrue things about their neighbors, while excusing themselves from self- examination or accountability? Crackpots on social media and craven GOP politicians who stoke the flames to get or stay in power.

 If we want to save Christianity for those of us who want it to be more than screaming conspiracy theories and bullying others, we have to hold those who have lied and lied and lied again accountable. Those who sought to overthrow the government must be held accountable, and those who warped and betrayed our Christian moral framework must be held accountable also. There’s more to Christianity than just how loud you proclaim it.

I’m sick of this wimpy, deluded, violent brand of Christianity. It doesn’t stand for anything. Certainly not courage, and it’s taking all of the oxygen out of the moral and spiritual conversation so badly needed right now.

  Real Christians don’t spread lies and conspiracy theories against others because they don’t like their politics, nor do they murder cops “for the cause.” They don’t overthrow the government and seek to assassinate their leaders because they’re unhappy.  They don’t blame others for their own transgressions, and seek to evade accountability for their own actions at every turn.  They hold themselves accountable and take their medicine.  It’s time for America to take its medicine. Jesus may forgive, but laws, constitutions and social fabrics do not.  This isn’t a holy war against our fellow Americans. It’s a lie and it’s dangerous. Let’s save ourselves, save our faith, save our country by voting Donald Trump “guilty” in his impeachment trial.  Let’s free Christianity from the GOP. Unity only happens after reconciliation. Reconciliation occurs after accountability for the lies.



It’s been a heck of a year.

At many times, I was afraid for the state of Christianity.

2016 was the year of shouting, and softer voices temporarily got drowned out. This was also the year of labels. The candidates had labels and so did Christians. The media spoke of “the Evangelicals” as synonymous with “the Christians”, which was simplistic and false.  It had its place in election reporting, but it was a form of shorthand that was deceptive, leading people to believe that there is only 1 kind of Christian and there is a checklist to be followed. Call me Pollyanna, but I think there is as much diversity in Christianity as there is in any other area, and I think that is a fantastic and necessary thing for actual unity to occur. I think that what we non- Evangelicals bring to the party is also valuable.

I have been a Christian my whole life, but not an Evangelical, because my personal belief it that religion and politics is a bad pairing. Politics is a tribal blood sport! It’s “our team” vs. “their team.” It, of necessity, relies on soundbites, shorthand, and over- simplification and generalization of issues and the categorization and labeling of people. I think we can all agree that we have had enough of that.

My first  Christmas wish  for Christianity it that we drop the labels and checklists! Stop the madnessJ It is what is in our hearts, that only God himself knows that is what matters. We can’t attribute intent to someone because of how they voted.

Allow me to use a little humor to make my point. Is God a Republican? Is he an Evangelical? Did he have a favorite in the election? Was he rooting for Hillary or Bernie? Or Russia?

Though a registered Republican, I have voted Democrat or Independent in the past 3 elections, because I don’t want people in Washington that I have never met telling me how to be a Christian. Am I still a good Christian if I really don’t like Congress or the President telling me how to live my life?

What if I believe in separation of church and state despite the fact that I’m a Christian?  Do I forfeit my faith card?

Yes, these scenarios are ridiculous.  Can we stop pretending that they aren’t?

There are as many shades and flavors of faith as there are people professing it. There is not only room for all of us, but all of us are needed to raise our voices during this Christmas season and be reminders of what we actually agree upon, and it is a lot, despite what we see on the news and our Twitter and Facebook feeds. So, my second Christmas wish is that we ,put those sources of division away for at least some of each day during the holidays and focus on what draws us together.

The following are the things that we agree upon: We believe in loving our neighbors as ourselves and at least attempting to see them with understanding. We believe in peace and compassion, good will toward men, assuming the best until proven otherwise. Each of us, not matter what our faith, believe it is sacred and not something to be exploited by anyone –ever. We believe in extending grace, because we have received it. We believe in opportunity and optimism.

We are still the most compassionate, generous, open minded and open hearted nation on earth. The labels don’t matter. We know who we are. And I think God’s still rooting for us.