What I Picked Up In Sin City

256px-WelcomeToVegasNite     There were a few interesting things I picked up in Sin City, like being robbed and the experience of having a potential terrorist thrown off of our plane. But the most important thing to me was the one thing I didn’t pick up.


  1. I didn’t pick up sin in Sin City.


I was in Las Vegas with my daughter, and we had a blast for her 26th birthday, but neither of us changed into cast members of Hangover 1,2, or 3. I didn’t pick up any gaming, gambling or drinking expertise, nor did I pick up the delusion that I ever could. I will never hang with the professionals.   I am and always will be naive and trusting, as the robbing experience, taught me: wherever I go, there I am.

You can dress me in sequins and serve me Everclear alcohol, but I’m still a nerdy, spiritualist looking for…more. I’m probably always going to be naïve and trusting, because to me, it’s preferable to the alternative, and let’s face it, it is just who I am.

I’ve avoided Vegas for years because of the appellation, “Sin City.” The word sin to me calls shame to mind. That was who I used to be, susceptible to names, approval, and judgments. But, I’ve recovered from my religion and now know that shame is a mantle I choose to put on or to allow others to place upon me. Wherever I go,there I am. If I have self- esteem and a solid spiritual life, no amount of chaos, debauchery, glitter and neon can change who I am or how I perceive myself. Obviously, I am not speaking of addictions: to gambling, alcohol or anything else. But, if I am in tune with and walking in my spirit, there is beauty in anything: glitter, neon, a miniature Venice, Paris, or New York.I can receive the gift of inspiration from literally anything.

Las Vegas is my circumstances. The power I let them have over me is completely up to me.


4 Things I did pick up in Vegas:


1. Winnings of eleven bucks!

  1. A new favorite drink: the Slingback. Cool, crisp and tart grapefruit juice, lemon liquor, lime juice and gin.
  2. The beautiful gift of a wonderful experience shared with my daughter before she graduates from college and moves on to the next step in her life, one step further from her parents. I will treasure the beauty of this experience for as long as I am around. I got to see a different side of her, how mature and gracious she is no matter where she is. I joyously saw that at her young age, she does not have shame in her vocabulary.



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